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We never could’ve imagined that a company based 500 miles away from our location could give better service than any other setup we’ve tried, but you’ve certainly proved that it is both possible and economical.

~Chuck Reddick



Server Management Plans

HAKE provides comprehensive solutions for managing and supporting your organization’s servers in various roles including, file/print, email and authentication. These mission-critical servers are the nerve center of your business, so ensuring their smooth operation is paramount to the success of your business. HAKE can provide that margin of safety with services similar to our PC Management plans but with a focus on the unique configurations of the server environment.

HAKE offers Server Management plans to suit your every need.

Server Management

Prices Monthly Per Server

24/7 Support

Unlimited Remote Support

Unlimited Phone Support

Uptime Reporting

After Hours Emergency Support
(Anytime after 9am-6pm M-F)


Unlimited On-Line Support

- -


Proactive Drive Space Monitoring

Printer Driver Management

Event Log Monitoring

Proactive Quarterly On-site Maintenance

- -


User Account AD Administration

Antivirus Automated Update

Security and Patch Management Administration

User Rights Administration

Server Applications

Add $200 to any of the above monthly prices for each of the following:


Action and Mission Critical Database

Add $200

Add $200

Add $200

Exchange Server

Add $200

Add $200

Add $200

Backup Solutions and Monitoring

Add $200

Add $200

Add $200

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