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We never could’ve imagined that a company based 500 miles away from our location could give better service than any other setup we’ve tried, but you’ve certainly proved that it is both possible and economical.

~Chuck Reddick



Consulting Services

Invoice Auditing

Hake Industries provides robust capabilities for businesses suffering from incorrect telecom billing, credit requests that have not been posted and carrier over-billing. Hake Industries offers business customers the ability to have their bills analyzed, credits determined and reimbursement be made by the offending telecom carrier. Upon completion of the audit, Hake Industries will submit the credit requests to the carrier who will then issue credits. Hake Industries is usually paid on a split of the invoice credits. So, in essence, the service costs businesses nothing as the credits most likely would not have been issued if not for the application of our knowledge in how to acquire the credits. This is a free service when combined with certain supplementary services.

MACD (Move-Add-Change-Delete) Service Management

Businesses are often challenged with managing MAC-D’s, Move –Add – Change – Deletes. Hake’s professional staff, operating under a customer Letter of Agency, acts to perform all suppliers MAC-D’s. These include simple feature change requests to complete company facility moves involving dozens to hundreds of people. Our Telecom Inventory Management System provides the detailed service inventory to allow for both speedy execution of the MAC-D but detailed reporting of the event. This is a priced per transaction, per engagement or as a part of our Telecommunication Management Services. This is a fee based service.

Network Assessment and Design

The migration from traditional data network technologies to IP based networks has made the need for professional network design all the more important. The days of highly secure private carrier networks such as private Line, Frame Relay and ATM have been surpassed by the one to many or many to many capabilities and low cost of IP networks. That said, security is a key component even more today. Hake Industries will analyze your current data network and design alternative networks to provide the solutions your business needs. We will determine what is best for your business- an IP VPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) using IPSEC and SSL security over the public Internet, a private MPLS based IP VPN over a carrier provided highly secure backbone or a traditional data networking technology. This is one of OUR core competencies. Our design engineers will produce the engineered designs to fulfill your every need. This is a fee based service.

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