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Voice Services

Local Telephone Service

Local Telephone Service, is often referred to as POTS (plain old telephone service) lines, ISDN PRI (Integrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate Interface) trunks or analog trunk service for providing a single analog communication circuit between the local end office (Class 5 switch) and the customer's telephone, key system, fax machine, or modem. These services offer a reliable solution for a customer's routine business telecommunications applications. The specific service types are addressed below:

Business Line Service is:

  • Primarily geared toward small– to medium-sized business prospects (i.e., less than 99 employees).
  • Feature-rich – offering an impressive array of local features that define and enhance our Business Line Service
  • Delivered via UNE-L, or via the Unbundled Network Element-Platform (UNE-P) Service Delivery Method – Refer to Access for more details on service delivery methods • One phone number/one line (1:1 ratio) – No oversubscription available

ISDN PRI Service is:
ISDN PRI Local Access offers a central office-based service arrangement that is an alternative for individual access services such as Direct Inward, Direct Outward, 800/877/888 Services, WATS and local business trunks. It is provisioned on a clear channel 1.544 megabits per second (Mbps) facility, using the ISDN PRI architecture of 23 "B" channels and one "D" channel or 24 "B" channels. All signaling on the D-channel is delivered on a separate packet switched network and a single D-channel can support multiple PRIs. It provides the customer with the capabilities of simultaneous access, transmission and switching of voice, data, and imaging services via multi- channel transport.

Digital or Analog PBX Trunks:
Digital or Analog PBX Trunks are communication circuits between the Local End Office (Class 5) and the subscriber's Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or Keyset. Our suppliers offer basic trunks and trunks with direct inward dialing (DID) functionality.

Available from: AT&T, ACC Business, BellSouth, Broadwing - Level 3, Global Crossing, Qwest, Verizon and XO.

Integrated Access Services

Integrated Access is the local product and pricing plan designed to appeal to small and medium-size business customers by bundling their local, long distance, and data services over an integrated T1 with relatively simple, easy-to-understand pricing.

The packaging of Integrated Access services vary widely by supplier. Some include measured local and/or long distance; some include unlimited local AND/OR long distance. Some include all the equipment; some include some of the needed equipment; some include no equipment.

The data services available also vary widely. Some suppliers only allow Integrated Access to be voice and Internet, others allow voice with either/or Internet, Frame Relay, Private Line and ATM. Integrated Access services are different from VoIP services. They are a different technology sets entirely. However many people refer to VoIP as Integrated Access and Integrated Access as VoIP. Please be sure when looking at this type of services you are getting information on the correct product. Integrated Access uses multi-channel T-1’s and is a traditional PSTN service.

Available from: AT&T, ACC Business (only supports ded LD and Internet access – no local), BellSouth, Broadwing - Level 3, Global Crossing, Qwest, Verizon, XO.

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