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Dear Mr. Hake,

Thanks for your impressive support over the last few months. It’s been so quiet around here since you and your team have taken over the management of our computer network and we hope it stays that way as virtually everyone in our company is more effective now that you’ve virtually eliminated our network and workstation down-time! Now we can focus on what we do best - selling natural remedies and training doctors and practitioners for success!

We never could’ve imagined that a company based 500 miles away from our location could give better service than any other setup we’ve tried, but you’ve certainly proved that it is both possible and economical.

Thanks again,

Chuck Reddick
Energetix Corporation

Dear Mr. Hake,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful job you and your team did on our recent move. The move was seamless from the standpoint of our staff and transparent to our clients, which is no small feat! Every one of your team went out of his way to be helpful and it was a pleasure to see how kind and level-headed each team member was – from cable guys to network specialists - despite the pressure of the many details and the tight deadline.

Your capable handling of the move was a huge relief to us as we did not have to worry about a single detail – which is a good thing given that IT is not our core business! We look forward to your continued support and assistance as our company grows.


Brenda Ruppright
CAO One Company Resources, Inc.

Dear Mr. Hake,

I wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your team for the excellent service you’ve given us from Day 1.

The management of our network and computers has traditionally been a weak area for us and turning our attention to the seemingly daily technical problems with our network and our computers kept us from handling our clients’ concerns efficiently and in a timely manner. After you and your team revamped our network and refined our IT systems and procedures I am happy to report that we have so few problems with our computers that we see the move to outsource our entire IT function with Hake Industries as one of our greatest productivity gains this year.

Please convey our appreciation to your team.


Kathryn Porfilio
Anakiri, LLC

Team Deployment has been using Hake Industries for over a year. One of our largest challenges with running Multi- Site Deployments has been the overall satisfaction with our on site technicians, until we got introduced to Hake Industries, Tim Ross and team. Hake Industries has become our most widely used technicians in MI and CA. They represent Customer Satisfaction, Organization, and extremely knowledgeable technicians. We have come to use their technicians on what we call PILOT sites, trying to gain new wins for our customers. We use them because not only there knowledge, but true professionalism. We can count on Tim, anytime of the day to rearrange his schedule and make sure that no matter that the task, and turn around time, he will meet our demanding customer needs in a true timely manner. We have had numerous rollouts where Hake Industries has taken on all of our sites with both MI and CA, and have managed to complete them in the strict, demanding timeframes these rollouts have presented us.

We have partner shipped and have become, what I describe as a "well oiled machine" in terms of how we work together, and I look forward to growing together in this way.

Thanks for everything,

Amy Folstrom
Team Deployment Manager CWI

Hake Industries is a large contributor to our successful delivery model. With partners like Hake we are able to deliver IT projects on time and under budget for our clients. Whether it is infrastructure, equipment installations or technology upgrades Hake Industries is able to tackle all aspects and deliver a high quality project.

John Fecteau
COO Worldlink Integration Group

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